Full-Time MBA Program


The finance group at Berkeley Haas reflects the Bay Area at large; we strive to be the global center of finance, technology, entrepreneurship and impact.

We connect deeply to our investment banking roots in tech and healthcare/biotech companies, to financing innovation via VC and seed investing, and finally to being the world leader in education in socially-responsible and impact investing, FinTech, and crowdfunding.

You might find a Haas investment banker leading an IPO for a Haas CFO, bought by a Haas portfolio manager, for a company originally seeded and incubated at Berkeley. Our students take the uniqueness of the experiential learning of the Bay ecosystem, well beyond our local shores, reflecting our reputation and vibrant alumni network in other finance centers, including New York, Hong Kong and London.


The finance curriculum starts with Intro to Finance as a core course, and then spans three streams: Corporate Finance (including electives on M&A), Asset Management (including Socially Responsible Investment Fund and Hedge Fund Strategies), and Entrepreneurial Finance (including New Venture Finance).

As a unique additional option, MBA students may take more quantitative courses in our top-ranked Master of Financial Engineering program.

Being just an easy jaunt to San Francisco’s financial district and Silicon Valley, students find it easy to engage our local alumni base, and we’re also able to bring the very current and applied perspectives of high-level professional faculty and guest speakers to our courses, complementing the deep fundamentals and world-class research of our core faculty.

The curriculum evolves and stays flexible, with new courses added based in part on student interests.

Club Activities, Fellowships, and Career Resources

With the extensive preparation and support available to students, they've landed internships and full-time jobs at Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, Morgan Stanley, Wellington, Passport Capital, Square -- and FinTech startups.  

To support interest in finance we offer the CJ White Fellowship with scholarships up to $50,000 and a new Entrepreneurial Finance Fellowship joining our Investment Banking and Investment Management Fellowships, each with $5,000 scholarships, and all with priority in finance electives and mentorship by an alum in the field.

The Finance Club, Investment Club, Private Equity Club, and Impact Investing Network support student interests by visiting companies on treks around the Bay Area, to LA, to Omaha to meet with Warren Buffett, and to other cities and countries based on student interest. Entrepreneurial Finance-focused students additionally benefit from all the VC-related resources of the Lester Center.  

These clubs also support student teams representing Haas in national competitions, including the Alpha Challenge, Impact Investing Competition, Sustainable Investing Challenge and private equity competitions.

Finance students further benefit from a dedicated Career Management Group manager and advisor focused on financial services recruiting, as well as a director in charge of strategic initiatives in the Finance faculty group. The Career Management Group also hosts Career 101 panels, Investment Banking Days on campus, networking events, and outside training, including Training the Street.

Students also find learning opportunities outside of class through a series of Finance Teach-ins and Practitioner Chats, accelerating exposure to applied finance topics with outside professionals from investment banking, hedge fund management, and private equity.

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