Full-Time MBA Program

Degree Requirements

The MBA program requires completion of 51 semester units of coursework: 12 core courses, an applied innovation requirement, and elective courses. To qualify, you must register and pay fees for both fall and spring semesters in each academic year (a total of four 15-week semesters); there are no courses offered during the summer.

Core Requirements

The core consists of 12 courses. All must be taken in the first year to provide the foundation for the second year's advanced work.

Applied Innovation Requirement

As part of the applied innovation requirement, students participate in a team performance module. Students may take these courses as early as the spring of their first year.

Elective Courses

Students may select from hundreds of elective courses, both within and outside of the business school, to fulfill the remainder of their 51-unit requirement. Up to 6 units may be taken as either graduate or upper-division undergraduate courses in other departments on campus; all other elective course units must be taken in graduate business classes. With the permission of the MBA program director, students may take two lower-division undergraduate language courses and apply 60% of the credits earned toward the elective unit requirement.

Waiver Examinations

Students may substitute elective courses for certain required courses if they demonstrate sufficient mastery of the subject by passing a waiver examination, which approximates the course final examination. These exams are available for 7 of the 12 required core courses, and are given during the week before classes begin in August and January. Short study guides are available for each course.

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