Full-Time MBA Program


Chasen Goudeau

Chasen Goudeau
MBA 15

Senior Consultant
Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles, California

Job prior to Haas:
Senior Financial Analyst
The Walt Disney Company
Glendale, California

Previous degree:
BS, Accounting
University of Southern California
Los Angeles, California


Career Goal: Consulting

“My internship at Deloitte prepared me for my full-time role because I was able to hit the ground running on Day 1 of my first engagement. Additionally, I already had a network in place so that I could reach out to former colleagues to identify projects that would suit my interests.”

“Private Equity was probably one of the most rewarding classes I took. It’s a very challenging course because you are ‘cold-called’ and expected to opine on industries or businesses that you are completely unfamiliar with. That fast-paced course taught me how to focus on the things that matter and to speak on those things with a high degree of confidence. This is essentially what is expected of you as a consultant.”

Chasen's Elective Courses

Applied Frameworks in Consulting
Topics in Technology
Corporate Finance
International Business Development
Negotiations and Conflict Resolution
Power and Politics in Organizations
Game Theory
Private Equity
Brand Manager Boot Camp
Designing Financial Models that Work
Decision Making
Managing the Legal Environment of Business
Opportunity Recognition: Technology and Entrepreneurship

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