Full-Time MBA Program

Being, Thinking, Doing:
How We Teach Innovative Leadership

Berkeley Haas develops innovative leaders—people who create value by putting new ideas into action. We believe that commercial and societal value is driven by the powerful combination of ideas and effective execution. How Berkeley Haas can prepare you to become an innovative leader falls naturally into a Being, Thinking, Doing framework.

Innovative leaders are able to create value through strong guiding principles that shape behavior (being); deep knowledge and innovation skills (thinking); and action that inspires others (doing).

Being – Who are innovative leaders as people?

The Berkeley Haas Defining Leadership Principles spell out key characteristics of an innovative leader, someone who:

  • understands that “is” doesn't mean “must be” (Question the Status Quo)
  • is an inspiring leader who earns respect (Confidence Without Attitude)
  • actively seeks out new knowledge and ideas (Students Always)
  • has an identity rooted in the larger world (Beyond Yourself)

Our school's strong culture helps you to grow into and to embody these characteristics more deeply.

Thinking – How do innovative leaders think?

Innovative leaders take their insights about what is—the way things are now and why they are that way—and transform these into what could be.

Understanding what is means obtaining fluency in business fundamentals, through core courses such as Marketing, Finance, Accounting, Microeconomics and Strategy.

Understanding what could be means being able to identify opportunities and envision solutions, skills learned in classes such as Problem Finding, Problem Solving and in electives such as Business Model Innovation & Entrepreneurial Strategy and The Lean Launchpad.

Doing – What do innovative leaders do?

Innovative leaders put new ideas into action. They get things done primarily by guiding, motivating and collaborating with others. Skills to do so are developed in several core courses, such as Leading People and Leadership Communications, and in electives such as Power & Politics in Organizations. Central to applying the thinking skills and doing skills you will develop are the Berkeley MBA Program's applied innovation courses, where you practice innovation skills with plenty of coaching.

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