Full-Time MBA Program

Program Overview

Business school is about developing you as a leader and teaching you fundamental business concepts. But the Berkeley MBA Program goes beyond that to offer you a special set of leadership skills that are extremely valuable in the global marketplace.

You will learn to become an innovative leader. Berkeley Haas is uniquely positioned to deliver such leaders.

A General Management Education

Your Haas education is anchored in the fundamentals of general management, including the latest theories of and best practices in business – from accounting and finance to marketing and strategy. You learn to lead and manage an enterprise as a whole.

A Rigorous Curriculum

The Haas curriculum provides you with a basic framework of qualitative, quantitative, analytical, strategic, and problem solving skills. It's rooted in the scientific disciplines of the university – economics, mathematics, social sciences such as psychology and sociology, and other areas.

Faculty Experts

Faculty members who are experts in these fields apply them toward increasing our knowledge of successful management, leadership, human behavior, organizational performance, and economic and market functions.

A Deeper Understanding

You not only gain knowledge about best business practices, but also learn about the fundamental principles behind them – the "how" and the "why." The Berkeley MBA program will make you think deeply and expand your understanding of the world.

A Leader Archetype in Sync with the Times

The goal of the Berkeley MBA Program is to develop you as an innovative leader. And a unique aspect of the Berkeley MBA innovative leadership approach is the conscious use of Haas School culture to shape how and what you learn

An Innovative Leader

We define this leadership archetype as an individual who drives growth by putting new ideas into action in every corner and every function of his or her organization, and who does so responsibly. Leaders of this kind define what's next, for our markets and for our societies.

Whether it is producing more fuel-efficient autos or creating new business processes, innovative leaders are the ones who will create opportunity from the major challenges facing the world.

Berkeley Haas has been producing such leaders for many years. The school's unique curriculum has been specifically tailored to deliver this kind of leader even more effectively.

A Supportive Culture and Environment

The school's distinct culture is marked by four defining leadership principles, which are emphasized in the admissions process and actively integrated into the MBA curriculum. They are:

  • Question the Status Quo
  • Confidence Without Attitude
  • Students Always
  • Beyond Yourself

The Defining Leadership Principles are heavily influenced by the school's location in the San Francisco Bay Area – the world's epicenter for innovation and entrepreneurship. And the principles are shaped by the culture of UC Berkeley, a world-class research generator with a legendary atmosphere of fresh thinking.

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