Shaojing (Vince) Yang

Shaojing (Vince) Yang
MBA 12

Previous degrees:
B.S., Information Management
Capital University of Economics & Business
Beijing, China

Job prior to Haas:
Head of Disney Online
The Walt Disney Company, China
Beijing, China

Shaojing (Vince) Yang cites himself as an example of Questioning the Status Quo. He left an established career in the Internet space in China to come to Berkeley Haas to challenge himself academically, professionally, and personally. He set himself another challenge at the end of his first year: spending the summer in China working out a strategy, making contacts and sowing the seeds for his own enterprise when his studies are done.

"Among my classmates, we treat each other as potential business partners, not as competitors. For example, I meet regularly with one of my classmates who is interested in becoming an entrepreneur in the healthcare sector."

"Choosing the right courses will help me to understand the business environment here, to develop the best ideas for my business and to connect with mentors and colleagues that I hope to have for the rest of my life."

"When I started here, I brought an IT perspective to problem-solving. Other classmates brought their own backgrounds to problem-solving: healthcare, marketing or finance. Together, we are learning to solve problems from each others' perspectives."

"When I return to China, I look forward to becoming active in the Haas Alumni Network there. It will be a way for me to give back to the school."

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