Sameera Chilakapati

Sameera Chilakapati

Health, Medical, and Family Welfare Department
Andhra Pradesh, India

Previous degree:
B.S., Economics
The Wharton School
University of Pennsylvania

Job prior to Haas:
PRTM Management Consultants
Mountain View, California

Sameera Chilakapati is passionate about health care, especially global health care issues. She gained a strong practical foundation in the field as a consultant in the life sciences industry, but realized that more technical expertise would give her insights into "how organizations and governments think about public health." The combined MBA/MPH program at Berkeley Haas was exactly the right prescription for her career advancement.

"The Berkeley School of Public Health and the Haas School of Business are both top-rated programs. Being able to combine a degree from two such reputable schools was a real incentive."

"My International Business Development team traveled to India to work with World Health Partners, a non-profit organization that uses telemedicine to reach rural populations. The first-hand exposure to the challenges organizations face on the ground was invaluable. The International Business Development class is an innovative way to supplement the theories we learn in class with real-world experience, with the added bonus of being able to do good in the world."

"I was one of the co-chairs of the team that organized the Ideas to Impact Conference, which is part of the 2011 Global Social Venture Competition. My team members all brought fresh attitudes to planning the conference, rethinking an event that had been done well in the past. We were proud to present a conference that was accessible, friendly, and impactful for the 250 people who attended."

"I was surprised at how globally focused the Berkeley Haas MBA program is. My first-year study group included classmates from Brazil and Japan. I learned a lot just from the process of finding out the best ways for us to work as a group to make sure that we would all do well together, and individually."

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