Full-Time MBA Program


Berkeley MBA students arrive at Haas with solid academic backgrounds and test scores confirming they possess the intellectual capacity and stamina to meet the challenges of the academically demanding program. They also arrive having already distinguished themselves in their previous work experience, as well as in community activities and other outside endeavors.

Just as valuable as what they bring to the program, however, is what the program instills in them. The unique culture of the Berkeley MBA program produces a unique brand of leader, shaped by a common set of defining principles. Berkeley-Haas students Question the Status Quo, possess Confidence Without Attitude, think Beyond Themselves, and act as Students Always.

Question the Status Quo

Berkeley-Haas leads by championing bold ideas, taking intelligent risks and accepting sensible failures. This means students speak their minds even when it challenges convention. Haas thrives at the world's epicenter of innovation.

Confidence Without Attitude

Berkeley-Haas students make decisions based on evidence and analysis, giving them the confidence to act without arrogance. They lead through trust and collaboration.

Students Always

The Berkeley-Haas community is designed for curiosity and lifelong pursuit of personal and intellectual growth. This is not a place for those who feel they have learned all they need to learn.

Beyond Yourself

Berkeley-Haas students shape our world by leading ethically and responsibly. As stewards of our enterprises, they take the longer view in our decisions and actions. This often means putting larger interests above their own.