Full-Time MBA Program


At Berkeley-Haas, teamwork and collaboration yield great rewards. Students are members of a close-knit, supportive peer network that draws on both shared experiences and a diversity of ideas and backgrounds to build bonds that last a lifetime.

A Welcoming, Diverse Community of Students

The relatively small size of the MBA program (only 240 students enroll in each entering class) allows students to get to know all members of their class. Students represent a wide range of ethnic backgrounds, religious affiliations, professional backgrounds, and sexual orientations. About a third of the students are from outside the United States, representing more than 30 countries.

Strong Culture that Shapes Innovative Leaders

A unique aspect of the Berkeley MBA innovative leadership approach is the conscious use of Berkeley-Haas culture to shape how and what you learn.

The Berkeley-Haas Defining Principles:

  • Question the Status Quo

    Innovative leaders are always asking themselves, isn’t there a better way to do this? What’s the white space around this business?

  • Confidence Without Attitude

    Innovative leaders build trust and motivation by combining confidence and humility and by knowing when real leadership means serving the team.

  • Students Always

    Innovative leaders know that they have more growing to do and more feedback to hear—even at the peak of their careers.

  • Beyond Yourself

    Innovative leaders understand that they are stewards of more than their own lives and careers. They are rooted in the larger world.