Jeremy Fong

Jeremy Fong
MBA 10

Content Solutions Engineer
Netflix, Inc.
Los Gatos, California

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One of the lessons Jeremy Fong learned in his Leadership class is that "success is achieved when opportunity meets preparation." His studies and the network he developed at Haas prepared him for just those opportunities.

"The power of networks became clear during a fascinating project in my Leadership class, where we looked at the social networks of various business leaders. Those who leverage networks have the power to influence people and change the world."

"An MBA was part of my 'five-year plan.' My experience in the entertainment industry focused on digital media and new technology. I wanted to learn more about finance and some of the more traditional business disciplines. I wanted to understand how all the different parts intertwine."

"I was constantly amazed by the quality of the minds represented among the faculty and the students here. They made me think on a whole new level. There was a real family feeling among my classmates."

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