Berkeley Haas offers MBA scholarships to entering students in the form of both need- and merit-based awards. 

All prospective students will be evaluated for fellowships and scholarship funding. Unless otherwise noted in the scholarship section of the online application, applicants do not need to submit additional information to be considered for a scholarship or fellowship. Funding will be awarded to students at the time of admission based on the strength of the student's application. 

Additional awards are also available to continuing students for their second year of study.

Supported in part by the generosity of our donors, students in recent years have been identified as scholarship recipients of the various opportunities listed below. Please note that meeting the stated criteria does not mean you’re guaranteed funds; rather, it means you are eligible for consideration.

Need-Based Scholarships 

Berkeley MBA Grant

The Berkeley MBA Grant is awarded to students based primarily on significant financial need. 

Jimenez Family Fellowship

Provided by the generosity of Joseph and Denise Jimenez. This award is intended to support high-achieving graduate students that are US citizens who demonstrate financial need and are in the MBA Program.

Centers and Institutes Fellowships

Center for Equity, Gender, & Leadership Fellowship

Generously funded by the Center for Equity, Gender, & Leadership (EGAL), the two-year fellowship is awarded to students who best demonstrate their commitment to diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplaces and their desire to support the Center for Equity, Gender, and Leadership at Berkeley Haas. Selected fellows will serve as a member of the EGAL MBA Board, a representative for student media, corporate requests and, write two blog posts for the EGAL blog per academic year. This equates to an 8-12 hour commitment each semester. Benefits to being selected as a EGAL fellow include: preferred access to EGAL events, experience working on issues related to gender, and increased job marketability.

Center for Responsible Business (CRB) Fellowship

The Center for Responsible Business Fellowship is awarded to students who best demonstrate their commitment to responsible and sustainable business and their desire to engage with and support the Center for Responsible Business at Berkeley Haas. Each year, one candidate is selected earning the title “CRB Fellow.” This individual serves as a point person between the Center for Responsible Business and the Haas student body and receives an automatic placement on the CRB Student Advisory Board to help set the agenda for the CRB. 

Merit-Based Scholarships and Fellowships

Berkeley Haas Scholarships

Our mission at Berkeley Haas is to develop leaders who embody our Defining Leadership Principles. Berkeley Haas Scholarships range in value and scope.

These scholarships will be awarded to admitted students who demonstrate excellence, advocacy and/ commitment in the following areas:

  • Academic Preparedness - Demonstrated ability to navigate the academic rigor of the program
  • Consortium Fellowships - Support of racial equity. Learn more here.
  • Gender Equity - Support of gender equity in a professional organization or community
  • Industry- Distinctive contributors in industry, including but not limited to: finance, marketing, entrepreneurship, health management, real estate, social impact, strategy/consulting, technology
  • Leadership - Innovative, initiative-driven leadership impacting their organization or community environments and/or alignment with defining leadership principles
  • LGBTQ - Support of LGBTQ equity in a professional organization or community
  • Personal Achievement - Overcoming obstacles, demonstrating resilience and optimism

Galloway MBA Fellowship

Provided by the generosity of Mr. Scott Galloway and in conjunction with the Galloway Scholars Program at Berkeley Haas, this award supports students in the Full-Time MBA Program at the Haas School of Business. Mr. Galloway’s intention to financially support children of immigrants, for both undergraduate and graduate students at the Berkeley Haas School of Business, is an incredibly generous and visionary goal. This goal is clearly stated and based on his experiences as a child of immigrants, who benefitted from the public education that California did, and continues to offer, to children of immigrant parents. He is a beneficiary of this educational opportunity and now wants to provide funding to ensure these opportunities exist for other children of immigrant families.

Torres Family Fellowship

Provided by the generosity of Mr. Michael Torres. This fellowship is awarded to MBA students with a preference for students who are California-born and demonstrate excellence in leadership skills.

Brian Maxwell Fellowship

Established in memory of Brian L. Maxwell through the generosity of Jennifer Maxwell. The Maxwell Fellowship is awarded to individuals who have demonstrated entrepreneurial spirit and a drive to create and implement innovative projects, products, and ideas. For more information, please visit their website.

Mike and Carol Meyer Fellowship

Provided by the generosity of Mike Meyer and Carol Meyer, this award is for students with an undergraduate degree in the fields of engineering or science as well as students who intend to pursue an entrepreneurial career.

C&J White Fellowship

The C & J White Fellowship is awarded to MBA students pursuing careers in finance.

Dr. Tahir Fellowship

Provided by the generosity of Dr. Dato' Sri Tahir, this scholarship is awarded to international students with a preference for those who completed their undergraduate education in Asia.

Tirado Fellowship

Provided by the generosity of Steve Tirado, this scholarship is awarded based on proven ability to promote diversity.

Blue Duck Scholarship

Provided by the generosity of alumnus John Natt (MBA '69), this scholarship is awarded to support MBA students who have received his or her undergraduate degree from the University of Oregon.

Song Feiqing Fellowship

Provided by the generosity of Ms. Roberta Sung in honor of Song Feiqing. Song founded the Dongya Corporation which developed into one of the most important powerhouses of the Chinese textile industry. This award supports high-achieving Full-time MBA students with preference to students who represent the international community, preferably China, and who intend to pursue business opportunities either in China, or in other parts of Southeast Asia, after graduation.

Yellow Ribbon Fellowship

The Yellow Ribbon Program is a matching fund option for U.S. military veterans who served at least 36 months and qualify for 100% of the Post 9/11 GI Bill benefit.