Haas Student Ambassadors

The Haas Student Ambassadors are the student arm of the admissions office. As current students, we are excited to share our perspectives and help you get to know our distinct culture and collaborative community. Whether you're visiting campus or connecting with us remotely, our mission is to ensure that your Haas experience is informative, positive, well coordinated, and as interactive as possible.

Connect with us: hsa@haas.berkeley.edu

Khalid Alali


Khalid spent his childhood between Lexington, Massachusetts and Khobar, Saudi Arabia, the heart of Saudi Arabia's oil country. Longing for the cold, he ventured to Concordia University in Montreal, Canada where he majored in finance and took part in business case competitions. Upon graduating, Khalid joined McKinsey & Company in Dubai to work on some of the Middle East's most pressing business challenges. In his 3 years with the firm, he consulted on topics as varied as vocational education and lean construction. Inspired by the opportunities he saw while working as a consultant, Khalid entered the technology startup space with his co-founding of Lamudi.sa, an online real estate portal. Within a year, Lamudi became Saudi Arabia's leading real estate portal. In pursuit of having a bigger impact, Khalid joined iMENA Group, a venture capital firm, and established their operations in Saudi Arabia. Khalid was excited to come to Haas because of its values driven culture and its proximity to the Bay Area’s technology ecosystem. At Haas, Khalid is an active member of the Technology and Beer clubs. In his free time, Khalid enjoys driving on the Bay Area’s winding roads and attending electronic dance music parties.

Ask me about: Consulting, Entrepreneurship, Haas Technology Club, and the best driving roads in the Bay Area.

Mark Angel


A Midwesterner at heart, Mark grew up in the suburbs of Chicago before moving to North Carolina to attend Davidson College, where he studied Biology. Unsure of exactly what he wanted to do, Mark became a management consultant in Deloitte's Strategy & Operations practice, where he worked for two and a half years across numerous industries and functions. After a quick stint at RXBAR, a whole food protein bar startup in Chicago, Mark came to Haas for its culture that encourages professional and personal transformation. In addition to being VP of Admissions for the MBA Association, Mark is also the VP of Manbassadors for Women in Leadership (WIL) and on the Leadership Team for LAUNCH, the University of California's startup accelerator. If you asked his friends, they would say he is an obsessive musical theatre fan, an avid music video viewer, and a not-so-secret HGTV fanatic.

Ask me about: MBA Association, LAUNCH, Women in Leadership, Consulting, Q@Haas, The Golden Egg (inter-cohort competition during first year), Moving to California.

Harris Googe


Harris grew up in East Tennessee and attended the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill before voyaging her way out west via Denver, Colorado and Portland, Oregon. Having studied Business Administration, she began her career in healthcare consulting with Huron Consulting Group. After 2.5 years of consulting, she left to assume a position at a small software startup named Axiom EPM where she put her obsession with data analytics to the test, helping clients build out their forecasting and budgeting systems. Working in the tech industry in Portland, Harris saw a dire need for advocates for diversity, and founded a work group within her company to foster a culture of inclusion in the workplace. This passion for an inclusive culture led her to Haas, where she is a member of a wide variety of clubs, including Consortium, WIL, and Q@Haas. Obsessed with all things outside, she is co-president of the Redwoods Club and Sports Business Club, and spends her free time climbing, skiing, backpacking, surfing (badly), commissioning a Fantasy Football league, and practicing aerial acrobatics.

Ask me about: Consortium, Redwoods Club, The Outdoor Industry, Sports Business Club, and Circus arts.

Kasey Koopmans


Kasey was born in Seattle and raised between the ferny undergrowth and strip malls of its suburbs. She swapped coasts to attend Columbia University, where she studied Sustainable Development and rowed on the women’s crew team. NYC was wonderful, but much like Ariel in The Little Mermaid, Kasey wanted more. Enter Princeton in Asia, a fellowship program that shared her mission of service and adventure and matched her with a job at Save The Children in Kathmandu. In the following years, she worked with non-profit organizations in Nepal and Myanmar before switching gears to the private sector and joining a market research firm in Yangon. In 2015, she transitioned back stateside and took the move as an opportunity to fulfill a lifelong dream of hers: hike the Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada. It was on that very long walk that Kasey made up her mind to pursue an MBA. She sought a community that would welcome the diversity of her experience and build upon it for even greater adventures to come, and she found it at Haas! In her spare time, Kasey likes to run, eat and play the tambourine.

Ask me about: Berkeley Energy & Resource Collaborative, Haas Innovation & Design, Q@Haas and where to find the best diner breakfasts in the East Bay.

James Parnham


James was born and raised in Virginia (it's for lovers) in the suburbs of Washington, DC. He attended Virginia Tech, where he majored in business management with a minor in philosophy. He began his career working in the Fairfax County Public School system as a substitute teacher and high school basketball coach. Although he continued to coach basketball for 6 years, he quickly transitioned to federal sector consulting at a small firm called Technomics, where he managed the Office of the Secretary of Defense’s cost data collection and database efforts at the Pentagon. James came to business school to sharpen his analytical skills and to transition to the technology sector, and knew Haas was right for him because of the strong culture of collaboration and the school’s dedication to their defining principles. James is an active member of both the Technology Club and the Digital Media and Entertainment Club, as well as a resident “Manbassador” and a member of the Gender Equity Initiative at Haas. Outside of school, James enjoys playing basketball, watching Washington DC sports teams fail, playing video games, and watching movies or TV with friends.

Ask me about: Career switching, the Gender Equity Initiative, being a Manbassador, moving across the country, or basketball.

Chen Song


Chen lived in Iowa, Missouri, and New Jersey before attending Rutgers University where he majored in Psychology and Biology. After graduating he joined Teach for America and moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma where he taught high school science and worked on TFA staff. His interests at Berkeley include organizing a variety of dinners and game nights, making the admissions process more accessible to underrepresented minority candidates as co-president of the Consortium, and exploring the "fuzzy" intersection of business strategy and people. Chen came to Haas because of the school and community's emphasis on finding meaningful work that is fulfilling on all levels. In his free time you can find Chen listening to podcasts, volunteering with local youth programs, having early morning coffee chats, and going out to eat way more than necessary.

Ask me about: The Consortium, the fantastic Career Management Group, living with other Haasies, and diversity at Haas.

Nahry Tak


Nahry was born and raised in Los Angeles, but has called the Bay Area her home since graduating from the University of California, Berkeley, where she majored in Art History. She is what the Haas community affectionately calls a 'Double Bear.' After spending each of her college summers interning at art museums around the world, Nahry started her career in exhibition planning at the Asian Art Museum. Seeking to explore other art forms and to bring even more class into her life, she then worked in board management at San Francisco Opera. Later, Nahry joined a national environmental nonprofit called The Trust for Public Land, where she was responsible for partnering with fundraisers on donor strategies as well as developing protocols and tools for fundraising performance analysis and growing the major donor pipeline. Nahry’s interest in Haas started with infatuation, but quickly developed into a lifelong commitment when she realized the degree to which the Haas community values inclusion and helping others fulfill their passions. Outside of Haas, Nahry enjoys taking dance classes, partaking in dinner parties, and making skincare products.

Ask me about: The Consortium, Commuting to Haas, Cultural offerings in the Bay Area, Life in Oakland, Dance, and Dim sum.

Brandon White


Brandon was born in Youngstown, Ohio and lived in North Carolina before his family finally settled in Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas. He attended the United States Military Academy at West Point where he studied management and leadership. At the Academy, he longed for warm weather and played football for the Black Knights. Upon graduation, he was commissioned in the U.S. Army as a second lieutenant in the Signal Corps (Communications). He spent his first few years in South Korea providing communications, from the DMZ to the southern coast, for an aviation unit. Brandon spent his last five years in the military at Fort Hood, TX with two all-expense paid trips to Afghanistan along the way. He came to business school to build a solid business foundation while honing his leadership skills and business acumen. He was sold on Haas because of the incredibly inclusive culture, genuine people and positive atmosphere for families. Outside of Haas, Brandon enjoys spending time with his family, sports, and a good dessert.

Ask me about: Military transition, Consulting, Vet’s club, Black Business Student Association, The Consortium, and Haas life with a family.

Victoria Whittaker


Victoria Whittaker was born and raised in sunny San Bernardino, California. She migrated north to attend Stanford University and graduated with her Bachelor's in Psychology in 2009. Fate coupled with her application to Teach For America led her to Chicago for the next few years where she taught preschool, trained teachers, and helped turn around some of the toughest classrooms. She left the Windy City and joined a team of three to found Teach For America’s San Diego region. As Victoria continued to interact with students, teachers and other stakeholders, her desire to improve nonprofit management, as well as address the multifaceted nature of poverty led her to pursue an MBA. She knew Haas was the only place for her because of its values-driven culture and inclusive community. Outside of Haas, Victoria enjoys traveling, Bravo TV and wine or whiskey!

Ask me about: The Consortium, Education, Haas Consulting Club, Black Business Student Association, and enjoying all things related to Business School.