Full-Time MBA Program

Costs and Financial Aid

The Berkeley MBA program has one of the most reasonable tuition and fee structures of any top MBA program. Approximately 70 percent of Haas students receive some form of financial assistance, including scholarships and loans.

Educational Costs

Each year the Financial Aid Office estimates the average costs for a graduate student during the nine-month academic year, which includes tuition, required fees, and estimates for living expenses, books, and supplies. These estimates are the basis for determining financial aid eligibility and loan borrowing limits. Because the living expense estimates are averages for all UC Berkeley graduate students, actual costs—especially housing—may be higher. 


In 2013-2014, the Haas School awarded approximately $5.5 million in scholarships to both domestic and international students. Listed below are some of the many scholarships available for entering Full-time MBA. With the exception of the Consoritum Fellowship, all scholarships require a separate application to be completed after admission. Depending on the scholarship, a personal statement is required. The following are all two-year awards, one quarter of which is disbursed at the beginning of each semester.

We strongly encourage prospective students, for whom scholarships is a major decision factor, to apply for admission sooner rather than later. Funding for some scholarships is limited and will be fully awarded early in the financial aid cycle.

The Consortium Fellowship for Graduate Study in Management

The Consortium Fellowship for Graduate Study in Management is an alliance of top business schools working in partnership with corporations to encourage diversity in business. Candidates who apply, and are accepted through The Consortium, are considered for full tuition and fee fellowships. Applicants should apply for admission using The Consortium application.

The Ulatowski Fellowship

Provided by the generosity of Mr. Tomek Ulatowski. This full tuition & fee scholarship worth approximately $120,000 is awarded to students who completed their undergraduate degree in Poland with a preference for those intending to return to Poland after graduation.

David S. Ng Fellowships

David S. Ng Fellowships of $110,000 are awarded based on merit and career potential as a "path-bending leader."

Dean's Fellowships

Dean's Fellowships of $110,000 are awarded based on merit and career potential as a "path-bending leader."

Brian Maxwell Fellowship

Established in memory of Brian Maxwell through the generosity of Jennifer Maxwell. The Maxwell Fellowship of $110,000 is awarded to individuals who have demonstrated entrepreneurial spirit and a drive to create and implement innovative projects, products, and ideas. For more information please visit their website.

Diversity Scholarships

Diversity Scholarships of $50,000 are awarded based on proven ability to promote diversity.

Haas Achievement Awards

Haas Achievement Awards of $50,000 are awarded to individuals who have achieved tremendous success in spite of significant economic, educational, health-related, or other obstacles.

Marketing Scholarships

The Marketing Scholarhsip of $50,000 is awarded to MBA students pursuing careers in Marketing.

Berkeley MBA Grants

The Berkeley MBA Grant for $20,000 to $50,000 is awarded to students based primarily on significant financial need.

CJ White Finance Fellowships

The CJ White Fellowship of up to $50,000 is awarded to MBA students pursuing careers in finance.

Yellow Ribbon Program

The Yellow Ribbon Program is a matching fund option for U.S. military veterans who served at least 36 months and qualify for 100% of the Post 9/11 GI Bill beneift.

Haas Online Scholarship Application

An admitted student may submit a scholarship application through the New Admit Website.

Information for Veterans

Resources at UC Berkeley
The Haas Financial Aid office is your touch point for questions about scholarships and loans as well as general questions about your university bill and VA Benefits. Please refer to the resources below for more details as well as our main financial aid website linked at the bottom of the page.

Haas Veterans Club

Department of Veterans Affairs
The VA website provides extensive details on the education benefits available to veterans in various statuses, such as vocational/rehabilitation, the Post 9/11 GI Bill, and  active duty:  

Yellow Ribbon Program
The Haas School of Business has been approved to receive matching funds from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) through the Yellow Ribbon Program (YRP). Students who believe they qualify for 100% of the Post 9/11 GI Bill benefits (also known as Chapter 33) can be considered. The purpose of the Yellow Ribbon Program is to provide funding for any gap in tuition and fees not already covered by the VA or other sources. Based on current legislation, the only funding gap not covered by the VA for such veterans at UC Berkeley's Full-time MBA program would be for Nonresident tuition ($12,245 per year). We would cover this for you through YRP once you have expressed interest and confirmed 100% eligibility.

California Residency

In many cases, US citizens or permanent residents may qualify for California residency by their second year of graduate school. We strongly recommend that students pursue this, as it can reduce student fees.

Computer Costs

All MBA students are required to have a laptop computer. Student discounts for laptop and software bundles are available at the Scholars Workstation.


Many graduate student instructorships are available to second-year students in several fields. Graduate Student Instructors (GSIs) receive reduced tuition as well as a monthly stipend. The average tuition remission for a GSI in the full-time MBA program was approximately $7,500 in the spring semester of 2014. You should apply for these positions in the spring of your first year.


The Haas School is pleased to be one of the few top business schools to offer a loan repayment assistance program (LRAP). The LRAP is designed to provide financial support to recent graduates of the MBA program who are employed in the public or nonprofit sectors (where salaries are typically lower). Students working in nonprofit or government positions and compensated $90,000 per year or less can apply to be reimbursed for student loan payments in six month cycles after graduation.