Full-Time MBA Program


The Bay Area is the world's hub for technology, with many top companies based here, including firms such as Google, Facebook, Cisco, Apple, Adobe, and many others. This location and the school's focus on innovation make Berkeley-Haas the ideal place at which to explore the technology industry.

The Berkeley MBA Program provides you with an overview of technology management as well as the opportunity for specialization. Courses such as Managing Innovation and Change and Introduction to Management of Technology provide the soft skills and general knowledge required to understand the industry, while more specialized offerings such as Supply Chain Management, Cleantech to Market, and Entrepreneurship in Biotechnology offer more in-depth examinations of particular segments.

While technology experts and pioneers often visit Haas as part of various speaker series, faculty members also frequently invite local executives to be guest lecturers in their courses and to partner with them in research projects. Student groups host special events, such as the daylong Berkeley Nanotechnology Forum and annual >play Digital Media Conference, and organize career-oriented activities with local firms.

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