Leading Through Innovation

The path to innovative leadership is known as Berkeley Innovative Leader Development (BILD). BILD is our strategy for developing innovative leaders—through culture, specific capabilities, and experiential learning.

The process starts with the careful selection of Berkeley MBA students, who have demonstrated leadership and exemplify the school's defining principles. Then in MBA Orientation, you begin an exploration of the BILD approach.

Required Applied Innovation Course

You also take a required applied innovation course that gives you practice in solving real-world business problems and emphasizes innovative leader capabilities. The list of experiential programs ranges from corporate innovation projects with major firms to global consulting opportunities.

A prerequisite to the applied innovation course is Problem Finding, Problem Solving, a new course that teaches you several different modes of thinking in order to find, frame, and solve difficult problems that are characterized by volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. Another module provides you with skill development and individual and group coaching on how to be an effective leader of a high performance team.

Electives and Beyond

A series of electives give you the option of studying various aspects of innovative leadership in greater depth, including cutting-edge courses such as Open Innovation and Managing the New Product Development Process.

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Innovative Leader

Danae Ringelmann, MBA 08, Innovative Leader Story

Danae Ringelmann

MBA 08


Danae shares the story about how her Berkeley MBA experience helped her successfully build the leading international platform for crowdfunding, an industry that did not exist when she began her career at Haas. (2:33)