The Berkeley MBA's rigorous core curriculum provides a solid foundation, rooted in business fundamentals — including marketing, finance, accounting, etc. Beyond the core, you are able to tailor your education to meet your goals and interests through a wide variety of cutting-edge elective offerings and global opportunities.

Berkeley Innovative Leader Development

BILD is the connective theme that runs through the entire Berkeley MBA curriculum to ensure that every student develops the skills required of innovative leaders.

Infused with BILD's innovative leadership perspective, the Berkeley MBA's rigorous general management curriculum teaches you to become a leader who can harness new ideas to create value for your firm. You acquire skills and qualities that enable you to drive growth to ensure your organization thrives.

The Core

The MBA Program is anchored by 12 required, rigorous and integrated courses that promote a general-management perspective and that provide a framework for the more function-specific courses that follow. The first year of the program is divided into four quarters. Both the fall and the spring semesters contain two separate groups of courses,
A and B.


You have great flexibility in choosing from a wide variety of electives and dual-degree offerings — from within the Haas School and from the wider university — as well as designing courses of your own in conjunction with a faculty member. Electives, which are introduced rapidly and are updated regularly, reflect the newest ideas, trends, and thinking in business.