Student Perspectives

Student Perspective

Dominic Bea

Dominic Bea

MBA 17

Asset Backed Securities
Guggenheim Partners

From the Marines to infrastructure investment

One of the things I loved about the military is that you formed really strong bonds with the other Lieutenants in your group. Leaving that community, I thought business school would offer another opportunity to connect with people who shared overlapping values and could form a loyal cohort. Some of the best friends I have now are from Haas.

Making an impact through infrastructure investment

Haas gave me the hard skills I needed to change careers. It also gave me a network in sectors I work with, like renewable energy and water infrastructure, and those connections are important.

A lot of the questions regarding climate change, sustainable development, and quality of life for people depends on infrastructure. If you think about how we support a safe economy and a clean world to live in, planning the infrastructure of our systems becomes critically important. I get to be part of how those decisions are made.

Becoming both a leader and a teammate

The military tends to have one dominant style of leadership. At Haas, I learned different but equally valuable and productive leadership styles. I saw this in my classmates and how they operated.

When I worked to solve a business case with my group in Hedge Fund Strategies, we each filled a different role. I was good at connecting the dots, while another teammate was really strong with data analysis, and another was good at delivering the overall message. I learned to use the different qualities and gifts that people bring, rather than try to all be the same.

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