Stephanie Tsai

Stephanie Tsai
MBA 12

Manager, Social Media/Marketing
One Kings Lane
San Francisco, California

Marketing Manager
Redwood City, California

Previous degrees
B.A., Economics
Stanford University

Job prior to Haas:
Monitor Group
New York, New York

As an MBA student, Stephanie Tsai feels she owns the process at Berkeley Haas. Students, she says "have high expectations" of what their studies should deliver and they are able to work with the administration to make sure the program lives up to—and even exceeds—those expectations.

"Our Ethics class brought to the surface situations where we could all run into ethical dilemmas. During classroom discussions, Professor Dal Bo was very good at pointing out where people were being contradictory, where their thinking wasn't logical or systematic. But it was done to help us understand our thinking, not to point fingers."

"At the Elite Eight Marketing Case Competition, my team—made up of all first-year women—took first place. The case dealt with an oil and natural gas company, a sector none of us knew. So we focused on the marketing fundamentals and leveraged our strengths: One woman brought her Google experience with Web 2.0 and another was grounded in corporate social responsibility. Among other things, it was a real 24-hour test of our ability to manage team dynamics effectively."

"The Haas Alumni Network is fantastic. I've used it a lot to research different industries and companies, to find out about how marketing roles differ from place to place. And as the VP of Alumni Relations for the MBA Student Association, I support and attend a lot of mixers and speaking engagements. Whenever I hear an alum say that the Berkeley Haas culture stayed consistent over the years, it makes me happy."

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