Jonathan Poei

Jonathan Poei
MBA 12

Men's Merchandising Manager
Levi Strauss & Co. San Francisco, California

Levi Strauss & Co.
San Francisco, California

Previous degree:
BA, Business Administration (Finance), University of Washington

Job prior to Haas:
Brigade Logistics Officer
U.S. Army
Travis Air Force Base, CA

Jonathan Poei joined the military because he wanted to serve a cause that was bigger than himself. When it came time to make a career switch into marketing, he knew an MBA would give him the qualifications and credential he needed. When he read that Beyond Yourself was one of the Berkeley Haas Defining Leadership Principles, he knew "this was the business school for me."

"The Haas Veterans' Club is one of the most welcoming communities here. When I was thinking about applying, students from the Veterans' Club spent hours with me on the phone answering my questions and volunteering information I didn't know to ask about."

"The Haas Alumni Network opens so many doors. It is a community with deep commitment to the school."

"Since I'll be working in the Bay Area, I hope to get back to campus and take some of the classes I couldn't fit into my schedule. That is one way I'll be a Student Always."

"I went on student-led treks to Israel and China, two countries that fascinate me and that I would never have been able to explore so thoroughly on my own. Our classmates gave us an inside look at their countries and struck a perfect balance between the cultural, professional, and social experiences. They handled all the logistics, and showed great patience while leading a group of 50 classmates."

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