Catherine Wolfram

Catherine D. Wolfram

Associate Professor

Co-Executive Director, Center for Energy & Clean Technology

Haas School of Business
Cheit Award for Excellence in Teaching

At Haas since 2000

"Along with teaching Microeconomics, I believe we are teaching people to become leaders," says Associate Professor Catherine Wolfram. "This requires the ability to assimilate ideas from everywhere, to be a generalist in the best sense of the word. My job isn't to teach what to think but how."

As a thought-leader in the Economic Analysis & Policy (EAP) field and energy markets in particular, Catherine Wolfram has long been interested in cutting-edge energy policies and technologies. She is currently examining the economic and environmental effects of the European Union's strict emissions standards on other countries, particularly China.

"Haas offers access to the greater Berkeley campus, which affords students a lot of options, as they are able to draw on the strengths of other departments." For example, students in Wolfram's field of study have access to world-class engineers working on innovative energy solutions at the School of Engineering.

Wolfram is also currently leveraging university resources as the co-executive director of the Haas School's new Center for Energy & Environmental Innovation. The Center brings together expertise in technology, business and public policy from across the university with the goal of developing the next generation of energy leaders through interdisciplinary curricula and programs. "It all started with a student's idea for an energy symposium," says Wolfram. That idea developed into the student-led Berkeley Energy & Resources Collaborative and then the Center for Energy & Environmental Innovation.

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