Sara Beckman

Sara L. Beckman

Senior Lecturer

University of California Distinguished Teaching Award Winner, 2001

Haas School of Business
Cheit Award Winner for Excellence in Teaching

At Haas since 1988

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Sara Beckman's required course, Problem Finding, Problem Solving, examines the process behind solving business challenges. It covers such topics as how to define problems, frame them, and generate alternative solutions.

"In my class, we study the business models of real start-up companies and generate alternative business models for them by applying the five steps of problem finding/problem solving: understand, observe, synthesize, realize, and experiment."

"All of our experiential learning classes ultimately encourage students to apply the process and tools they've learned in the Problem Finding, Problem Solving class. Our hope is that the students will be prepared with a common language, common process and problem finding, solving toolkit that will allow them to more critically and creatively approach the opportunities they have to discern the right problems and think broadly about possible solutions."

"All of my classes are highly interactive. I attempt to create a classroom environment in which students feel comfortable asking 'stupid' questions, challenging one another and me directly, and sharing their own perspectives and stories."

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