Matt McLeggon

Matt McLeggon
MBA 10

Sr. Business Development Manager

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Being a Berkeley Board Fellow on the board of Rebuilding Together, an organization that rebuilds homes for low-income homeowners, gave Matt McLeggon valuable insight into the governance of nonprofits. Such information may prove helpful since he would like to someday launch a similar organization of his own. According to McLeggon, being at Haas offered endless opportunities like this to learn new things.

"At Haas, I learned that there is a methodology to innovation. It's not something you can leave to chance."

"The clubs were a great way to explore subjects while still taking core classes. You could try out a field that might interest you without a big commitment. That's how I got involved in the Digital Media and Entertainment, Marketing, and Technology clubs."

"Our goals for the Black Business Students Association were to be visible on campus, to contribute our point of view to campus life, and to work with the Admissions Office to increase our presence in the program."

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