Gonzalo Martinez de Azagra y de Miota

Gonzalo Martinez de Azagra y de Miota
MBA 10

Samsung Ventures
San Francisco, California

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Gonzalo Martinez de Azagra y de Miota was able to do his summer internship with the Star Wars team at LucasArts in San Francisco. "The career center bombarded us with opportunities from day one," he said.

"At LucasArts, I had the chance to help the company redefine the way they plan and track new projects. My mandate was to think of ways to solve how to provide status information to the president, COO, and lead project manager. At the end of the summer my recommendations were implemented in the company's largest development project, and were being considered as potential best practices."

"While at Haas, I was exposed through practical training, cases, and theory to the challenges firms face to remain competitive. With an extraordinary selection of electives, I was able to complement the fundamental building blocks of the core curriculum to match my needs and interests."

"The environment at Haas was extremely collaborative, which encouraged self-realization rather than competition. Haas is the right place for those who believe that career success among fellow classmates is not a zero-sum game. I expected my Haas classmates to excel intellectually, but I wasn't prepared for how good they were at everything else — sports, music, hobbies. They were just as passionate about those things as they were about their careers."

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