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Haas think tanks are institutes and centers that support innovative faculty research and educational programs for Haas students. As part of the University of California at Berkeley, a leader in research and innovation, the Berkeley MBA Program gives you access to some of the most esteemed, cutting-edge research centers and educational opportunities in business and beyond.


The Institute for Business Innovation (IBI) advocates the critical role that innovation plays in successful business strategy and supports pioneering research to educate the innovative business leaders of tomorrow. IBI houses ten centers and programs, including:


Finance and Economics


Real Estate

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Henry Chesbrough


Honored as a Top 50 Innovation Author

Haas Adjunct Professor Henry Chesbrough was honored as one of the top 50 authors in the field of technology and innovation management by the International Association of Management of Technology. During the past five years, Chesbrough has published research on open innovation, processes of industrial research and development, management of intellectual property, and services innovation.