Peter Tsang

Peter Tsang
MBA 10

Portfolio Manager
San Francisco, California

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From class projects and study groups to the Darden Innovation Challenge, the emphasis on teamwork at Haas appealed to Peter Tsang. After all, in the real-world work environment, that is how most work gets done.

"When we worked in teams, people were always looking to achieve the team goal and to share the spotlight. In class and on team projects, I liked the way we were able to talk through all of our different ideas and make sense of our differences of opinion. So many of my classmates were experts in their own fields. Everyone was knowledgeable, intelligent, well-mannered, and respectful of different opinions."

"I was on a four-person team in the Darden Innovation Challenge in my first year. We leveraged our own professional backgrounds and contributed to our innovative idea. Even though we didn't advance to the final round, we were happy with our strong cohesion as a team and the opportunity to learn from working with one another."

"There were several other BlackRock students in the Haas program and a number of alumni at the company. Sharing the Haas experience added to our working relationships."

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