Swati Reichmuth

Swati Reichmuth
MBA 10

Project Manager
Cisco Systems
San Jose, California

Anyone contemplating working full-time while pursuing an MBA knows going in that juggling work and studies will be a challenge. Swati Reichmuth took it a step further. "At one point," she says, "I felt like I had three full-time jobs: Cisco, my classes, and on-campus interviewing. I not only survived, I loved it."

"I thrive on social connections with others. The Haas emphasis on teamwork satisfied that for me. At times, it seemed like the weekly Sunday study meetings with my Haas classmates were the mainstay of my social life. Because all of us were working, we brought our job experiences to every problem. It was easy to generate all kinds of ideas."

"For my Strategy, Structure and Incentives class project, my teammates and I analyzed an organizational issue at a produce company. We interviewed principals, managers, and contributors, then analyzed the data and made recommendations. This 'day in the life of a consultant' experience is an example of how Haas ties academics to industry."

"Haas really extends itself for Evening & Weekend students. The Program Office had our books delivered to Haas so we didn't have to spend time getting to and waiting in line at the bookstore. The speakers who came to campus were scheduled during our break so we could attend. The Career Center has a staff member dedicated to Evening & Weekend students, which was a great help. I really appreciated that Evening & Weekend students were able to compete for internships and jobs on the same level as full-time students. The Career Center provided all the resources you could ask for."

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