Sachin Rao

Sachin Rao
MBA 10

Senior Consultant
Deloitte Consulting
San Francisco, California

Sachin Rao's career had taken him down the technical management path. It was time, he felt, to become grounded in more general management skills. The reputation, convenient location, and rigorous curriculum of the Haas Evening & Weekend MBA Program suited his desire, not just to learn, but to apply what he learned on the job.

"The core curriculum gave all of us a strong, common foundation in essential management skills. The broad range of electives lets you focus in on your area of interest and expertise. The Career Center was very useful in helping me look at options for moving laterally within McKesson, to position myself for a move into strategy"

"My classmates were well-established in their own careers. While there was competition, it was competition for each of us to succeed in the outside world, not against each other in class."

"The rigor associated with getting an MBA required the ultimate juggling act. The support of my family, friends, employer and classmates was invaluable. With a mortgage and college tuition looming for my children, paying for my MBA could have been tough. The Financial Aid Office was very helpful in that regard."

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