Dinesh Moorjani

Dinesh Moorjani
MBA 10

Senior Analyst, Equity Research
Gleacher & Company
San Francisco, California

Dinesh Moorjani got from Haas just what he anticipated: a solid, general management business degree in a setting that exposed him to industries and problems that he didn't encounter in his daily work.

"You can't do better than be taught by people who are experts in their fields, whether they approach it from an academic or a real-world perspective. My accounting professor not only had his doctorate, he also ran a hedge fund. In my Leadership class, we investigated successful executives' networks: how they gathered and used the social capital in their networks, how their networks grew over time, and how their networks contributed to their success. Those are lessons I intend to apply to building my own network."

"I think teamwork and leadership have to go hand-in-hand. You can't be a good leader without understanding how to be a good team member. We did so much work on teams that we got lots of opportunities to be both leaders and team members."

"My biggest piece of advice would be to not overload your schedule. Take a normal class load, and try to balance a class that requires a lot of effort with one that requires a little less."

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