Steve Love

Steve Love
MBA 10

ZS Associates
San Mateo, California

When asked how tough business school was, Stephen Love reaches back to his football-playing days in college for a comparison. "You end up beat up and tired," he says, "but it is all worth it."

"Because there were relatively few students in my class who had worked in consulting, I found myself being a resource for their questions. That's part of the culture at Haas — everyone is willing to share their expertise."

"Being involved with the Haas Healthcare Association gave me access to a broader network of people interested in the same field that I was. It was a great place to gather fresh perspectives on issues."

"The professors both talk the talk and walk the walk. They have been there and done so much in their respective areas of expertise. Randy Haykin, who taught my New Venture Finance class, was employee number 5 at Yahoo! and now runs his own VC firm. I had a lot of respect for his experience and perspective."

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