Melissa Hiler

Melissa Hiler
MBA 08

Investment Banker
Credit Suisse
New York

Melissa Hiler says she loves the challenge of making hard decisions under pressure, whether it's as a helicopter pilot or an investor. She believes her Haas education prepared her well for her career change from military officer to investment banker.

"From learning the lingo of finance in my core courses to the more sophisticated technical analysis of Professor Parlour's Investments class and the human side of investing explored in Professor Odean's Behavioral Finance course, Haas grounded me in every aspect of finance."

"Haas took my knowledge of finance from zero to being skilled enough to land a summer internship and then a job offer in the Investment Banking division of Credit Suisse. It gave me the confidence in myself and my skills to hold my own with graduates of the East Coast schools who tend to gravitate to that world."

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