Brian Hildreth

Brian Hildreth
MBA 08

Bell McAndrews & Hiltack LLP
Sacramento, California

"Time management is by far the biggest challenge for EWMBA students. It was even more acute for me, with a three-hour commute. But everyone, from my classmates to the administration to the faculty, was really supportive. I've never met a smarter bunch of people, and the professors were remarkably responsive, whether you were asking for assistance or making a suggestion.

"There were three of us who were in the same first-year cohort who commute from Sacramento every Saturday for classes. From the start, we worked out a spreadsheet to figure out how to carpool so everyone would have the same mileage. Over time, our carpool became an extension of the classroom. We continued the discussion of whatever classes we were taking. It was like getting an extra three hours of class."

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