Tim Gunderson

Tim Gunderson
MBA 08

Managing Director
NASDAQ West Coast
Menlo Park, California

Tim Gunderson's day-to-day job with NASDAQ West Coast is to make sure companies achieve their next level of success after their IPOs. He says his Haas coursework helped him fulfill that role and get promoted along the way, from director to managing director.

"Before coming to Haas, I could talk executives through all of the milestones of going public. Now, I can also give them a real road map to success long after the bell stops ringing on their opening day of trading."

"The Strategy, Structure and Incentives class gave me an invaluable view into the organization of a company. When I'm talking with companies that are starting to structure themselves for an IPO, I use what I learned from Professor Leonard to talk with them about laying the best foundation for success over time."

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