David Coffman

David Coffman
MBA 10

Finance Manager
Castlight Health
San Francisco, California

David Coffman has always found balancing and managing time for his work, volunteer, and personal responsibilities to be a challenge. However, as a part-time student, full-time employee, member of a nonprofit organization's board of directors, full-time husband, and most recently, a father of a baby daughter, he credits Haas with teaching him how to set — and fulfill — priorities.

"Haas helped me become much more well-rounded. It prepared me to be a better manager and a better business partner across the board."

"As much as I enjoy accounting, I didn't want to be pigeon-holed. Taking a variety of classes gave me confidence in my abilities. Now, I can sit in a meeting with marketing executives, for example, and really understand the conversation. I am much more fluent in subjects outside finance. My Haas MBA gave me the skills and perspective to broaden my knowledge and my career."

"My classmates realized that grades are not a zero-sum game. No one sat around guarding his notes or hoarding her expertise. We all tried to bring each other up to a higher level of learning and achievement."

"One of the advantages of being a part-time student was that my classmates tended to be older and more settled in their lives and careers. Because all are more likely to stay here in the Bay Area, I expect we'll stay in close touch and be able to have long-term relationships with each other and Haas as alumni."

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