Vidya Chadaga

Vidya Chadaga
MBA 09

Senior Product Marketing Manager
Cast Iron Systems
Mountain View, California

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"With the Haas@Work program, I experienced the much-desired life of a consultant — solving real world, live case problems for companies like Cisco, Lam Research, and Visa. Executives from these companies engaged us to help them identify strategic opportunities and develop specific recommendations to capitalize on market trends. At the end of the workshop, teams presented their recommendations to each company's executives, who then decided on which recommendations to execute on and invest in. This experience let me apply all models and frameworks learned in the Berkeley MBA program to real world business situations.

"Haas really changes the way you approach things in the corporate world. It enriches you as a leader and evolves you as an innovator. I immediately started putting my experiences to work on the job, and those lessons will always be part of my future.

"Having lived in six countries and worked with many different people, I thought I knew how to adapt and collaborate. The program showed me what I didn't know about accepting people for who they are. This was a hard lesson, but an invaluable one."

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