Michael Black

Michael Black, MD
MBA 08

Chief of Pediatric Heart Surgery; Surgical Director of Pediatric and Adult Congenital Heart Program
California Pacific Medical Center
San Francisco, California

An experienced surgeon at the cutting edge of innovative procedures, Dr. Michael Black is now putting the knowledge learned at Haas to work as he launches his own medical device company, BioOptics, Inc.

"I have always been creative by nature and harbor the desire to save more lives than I can in my surgical practice. It was frustrating to have a cache of promising ideas but the inability to introduce them to the marketplace. With an MBA from Haas, I have the knowledge, skills and confidence to bring medical devices to market that can potentially save millions of lives."

"As a surgeon I realize that confidence and arrogance need not go hand in hand. I learned at Haas that the most humble people can teach you the most. Many of our instructors had already made their mark and they have chosen to teach. I appreciated the knowledge and humanity that they shared with us."

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