The Career Management Group

The Haas School provides you with access to employers through multiple channels. On-campus interviews and corporate presentations are popular forums for presenting oneself to a prospective employer. Ranked #4 nationwide by recruiters in a 2008 BusinessWeek survey, The Haas School's MBA Career Management Group facilitates hundreds of on-campus interview opportunities for positions spanning the globe and over a thousand electronic job postings specifically targeting Berkeley MBA students each year. In addition, you are given the opportunity to interact with hiring managers and recruiters in more informal ways, including industry firm nights, career panels, corporate visits, alumni mixers, and job fairs.

A Personal Approach

If your career goal is to work for a firm or industry that doesn't recruit on campus, the Career Management Group can help you devise and execute a strategy for a customized job search. The school's small MBA class size allows career advisors to offer a personalized, hands-on approach to your career search.

The goal of the Career Management Group is to provide you with resources and opportunities to successfully match your skills and interests with an employer. The group's experienced staff provides you with a wide range of personalized services, including help with individual career planning, clarifying career directions, resume writing, and interview preparation.

The group plans workshops, panels, networking events, and receptions specific to all phases of the career search. It also organizes on- and off-campus recruiting activities and job fairs. The staff provide you with valuable resources and indispensable tools to conduct successful career searches while in school and throughout your lifetime.

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Christian Eder

Christian Eder

MBA 12

Jefferies & Company
Foster City, California

"The Career Management Group was always on top of the key dates and activities we should be doing in our internship searches. Their reminders and workshops kept me organized. And the second-year career coaches were a great resource. They gave good advice and useful mock interviews. I’m looking forward to returning that favor next year when I’m a career coach."